Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] * Does the local authority have formal service standard (like for instance the UK Government Digital Service standards)?
What standars are meant?eu, national, local? This implies and requires knowledge of the uk standards, which are not widespread
Jochem, 24/11/2021 17:37
Paola Russillo
Usually the standards are set at national level, it shouldn't be an indicator for local authorities
Paola Russillo, 29/11/2021 08:36
Antonio García de la Paz
This is not exactly a "local authority" is a "national authority/regulation". INTEROPERABILITY https://administracionelectron... SECURITY: https://administracionelectron... and CITIZEN CHARTERS: https://administracionelectron...
Antonio García de la Paz, 02/12/2021 09:36