Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] * Any additional indicators (and sources)?
Paolo Sabatini
We should add an indicator on the number/share of services available on mobile/mobile app.
Paolo Sabatini, 30/09/2021 11:35
Stefano Gatti
Does the local authority periodically run usability tests involving panels of citizens?
Stefano Gatti, 01/10/2021 14:18
Bjorn Dirkse
SUS assesment/NPS for online services measured?
Bjorn Dirkse, 01/10/2021 15:11
Maarja Kõue
Do digital services have a unified creation process? In other words, the local government has a clear procedure that a digital service cannot be developed until the "business side" is in place and well thought out.
Maarja Kõue, 01/10/2021 18:48