Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] * Does the local authority offer incentives for citizens to use digital services (such as lower costs for online)?
Viivi Lähteenoja
I would hesitate to recommend lower costs or similar as an incentive for people to use digital services as this can quickly become discriminatory. Further, in the case of Helsinki, mandatory services provided by the city must be equally accessible to everyone, whether or not they are able or willing to access them digitally.
Viivi Lähteenoja, 20/09/2021 15:13
Other incentives: faster (no need to physically go to the premises), more inclusive (for example, for people who don't have conventional schedules where they can go the their town hall from 9:00 to 17:00), real time update on the status of their demand...
Manon, 27/09/2021 17:25
Incentives can also be on the side of employees; it can be beneficial for them.
Manon, 28/09/2021 12:06
Paolo Sabatini
another incentive is the carbon efficiency, to be measured, of using a digital service instead of accessing it on premises
Paolo Sabatini, 30/09/2021 11:26
Veera Vihula
Needs to be clarified what is included in incentives.
Veera Vihula, 30/09/2021 13:53
Bjorn Dirkse
i think this is tricky because it matters how cities approach this. I dont think we (can?) give financial incentives but i would look at the "gains" in a broader perspective. first time right, waiting times, speed
Bjorn Dirkse, 01/10/2021 14:59