Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] * The share of citizens with at least basic digital skills at local level (or national level, based on data availability)
How do we measure basic digital skills?
Manon, 27/09/2021 17:22
Paola Russillo
Is this a responsibility of local PA? Good digital services should be those that can be used also with low level of digital skills
Paola Russillo, 29/09/2021 09:17
Jochem Cooiman
Difficult to measure, but interesting. I would rahther also see the number of citizens involved in the devop op public services
Jochem Cooiman, 30/09/2021 10:39
Veera Vihula
"Basic skills" needs to be defined clearly, so that the data is comparable. This theme have been examined on national level surveys, and occasionally on local level, but can be troublesome to do
Veera Vihula, 30/09/2021 13:46
Bjorn Dirkse
i think there are baselines/data for this at least nationally
Bjorn Dirkse, 01/10/2021 14:54