Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] To local authorities the most important barriers for citizens and other users to use digital public services are the lack of skills to use digital tools and access to the internet. Bridging the digital gap as much as possible and working on improved accessibility of digital services will have a more positive impact than the mentioned incentives for digital service use.
Veera Vihula
In Espoo we see the lack of skills (and or needed support) to be the bigger issue of these two. We recognize there are differences in access to internet between countries, but think that more can be shared between cities in ways of skill building than broadband building
Veera Vihula, 21/04/2021 08:42
Manon Eurocities
Comment from WG Digital Citizenship: Poor implementation of digital services (ICT), preventing to reap he benefits.
Manon Eurocities, 21/04/2021 16:34