Towards User Centric Public Services

[...] * Local authorities point out that it is not always possible to provide services digitally. Certain services that are rendered on the local level, e.g. education services, are generally not digitised.
Veera Vihula
Here's a connection to the addition about interaction versus service. There's a difference of digitising parts of the service or digitalising all of it. In Finland, education services have a lot of digitised elements such as tools, materials etc. It brings variety and possibilities but as a whole it's not socially sustainable to transform educational service 100% digital.
Veera Vihula, 21/04/2021 07:47
Bjorn Dirkse
important to acknowledge that "public service" is scoped differently for different countries maybe. education in the netherlands is regulated and funded by (local)goverement, but not executed by local governements. teachers and schools are not civil servants
Bjorn Dirkse, 23/04/2021 12:51